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All About Ecommerce Marketing Agencies

All About Ecommerce Marketing Agencies

Ecommerce marketing is your effort to drive awareness and action towards your business. Now, you could do the marketing yourself. Or, better yet, outsource it to an ecommerce marketing agency. For that, we’re going to tell you what you need to know about ecommerce marketing agencies. 

What is an ecommerce marketing agency?

Ecommerce marketing agencies are companies that offer you, the online merchant, services to help with selling more products and agencies and also to increase your brand’s presence in online search engine results and rankings. Oftentimes, agencies have their own specialties like in retail, fashion, design, development, etc., to meet specific client needs.

What is the difference between marketing consulting and brand consulting?

Unlike brand consulting, which would deal with the company’s, well, branding, a marketing agency works on communicating the company’s position and relationship with customers. Successful marketing which aligns with a company’s brand strategy is vital to successfully establish a brand. 

Which company needs a digital marketing agency?

A marketing agency is especially helpful for start-ups and small businesses that want to develop and reach a greater audience and clients. A marketing agency will be extremely handy for you. A small business might hire a marketing company to manage a wide range of marketing channels and help craft strategies, thereby improving the effectiveness of the business’s marketing while removing the burden of daily management from the company and freeing up internal resources. 

The real benefit, however, comes from having experts carry out what is a nuanced and wide-ranging part of business. Marketing, especially in the digital space, spans many different channels, each of which requires its own strategies and tactics. An experienced marketing company can provide a consultative approach to your business’s marketing efforts. Ultimately, you should consider a marketing agency if your company doesn’t have enough time for marketing on your own, you’re not getting any sales leads, you don’t have the skills or the budget for a marketing team and if your business doesn’t have a marketing plan in general.

Ecommerce marketing tips

Ecommerce marketing strategy
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When about ecommerce marketing in general, we have for you a few useful tips to help you out:

  • Use personalization – Find ways to cater to individuals and tailor your marketing material to reflect the unique needs of consumers. This can come in the form of emails, recommended content, smart content and others.

  • Capitalize user-generated content (UGC) – UGC is basically getting consumers to willingly market for you for free. UGCs help in driving traffic to your ecommerce store and builds an authentic following among consumers interested in your offerings.

  • Build loyalty programs – Customer retention and getting loyal repeat customers can use loyalty programs to play a part in the two efforts. Loyalty programs can include word-of-mouth marketing, reviews, referral marketing, testimonials and case studies.

  • Invest in live chat – Whether you use chatbots or actual people to do it, live chat will prove effective with engaging with consumers as they browse your store and help build relationships with them.

  • Improve your shopping carts – You can mitigate shopping cart abandonments by giving your customers money-back guarantees, having a clear and simple return policy, great delivery options and immediate access to customer support.

  • Invest in a responsive website – Responsive designs and easily navigable websites with content and designs that are easy on the eyes can make consumers’ shopping experience with you very desirable, and notable and could be a driving force to getting them to return.

Ecommerce marketing strategy

Marketing also requires you to have a solid strategy. And it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might assume it to be. Having yourself an ecommerce marketing strategy involves:

  • Setting goals based on industry benchmarks that your business is a part of. These benchmarks include your industry type, location, business size, and other factors that you use to measure your goals. 

  • Breaking down your strategies into smaller tactics whereby you can focus on a couple of key strategies first to begin with and move on from there with another couple for instance. This helps you not get lost in a marketing strategy that might be too big and overwhelming. 

  • Adhering to your new and current, long-term customers by continuously engaging with them and further nurturing your relationship with them. This will help boost loyalty and help in your business’s long-term success. 

Things that ecommerce digital marketing agency services help your business

Things that ecommerce digital marketing agency services help your business
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The reason marketing agencies can be really useful to your company is that they can help you organize, handle, and provide several key things crucial to your brand’s growth:

Social media marketing for ecommerce stores

Social media is by far the most useful and vital medium for ecommerce businesses to use to market themselves. Paired with the expertise that marketing agencies can provide you, you get a really effective and efficient marketing endeavor to propel your brand into people’s feeds and attention.

Email marketing for ecommerce business

One of the oldest, but still easiest and among the most effective methods in the digital marketing world. It is a practical revenue-generating resource for your business. Email marketing can be a detailed and meticulous effort to maintain. But marketing agencies help clear the burden of dealing with it directly.

Influencer marketing strategies

Also when using social media as a platform and medium, relying on influencers is a sound strategy that marketing agencies can use to help promote your brand to other users online. It leverages influencers’ high follower numbers and online clout to draw attention and traffic to your online store to facilitate higher sales and engagements.

Conversion rate optimization for online stores

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of getting higher conversion rate percentages for your brand. This can involve adding leads to your blog and website contents, running tests on your landing pages, building workflows, optimizing content, etc. Again, marketing agencies can help you with these things.

Search engine optimization for ecommerce

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is an essential tool to get your online presence and content noticed and seen by online users, and will most likely be used by marketing agencies. SEO increases the likelihood of your online store being visible to consumers worldwide. It’s effective but also demanding. Ecommerce marketing agencies know the high importance of SEO and tend to put much effort in making these campaigns work.

Ecommerce google shopping

Google recognizes its usefulness to businesses to spread their branding. So there is now a tab on Google that specifically shows shopping related websites. Through Google’s own features and platforms, you can also gain traction in interest and attention for your store in this section of Google.

Affiliate marketing

Ecommerce sites are good candidates for affiliate marketing. Affiliates help businesses like yours sell your products/services or promote your brand for a commission. Often through paid advertising, content marketing and other means, affiliates generate interest in your business through those old fashioned means, unlike influencers. They may be old fashioned, but they remain as effective as ever. 

Local marketing

This is often an overlooked tactic for ecommerce businesses, but local marketing allows you to double down on the areas where most of your prospects are and allows you to offer incentives to your potential customer base. Usually, this is done through cookies and incentivizes people to come to your store simply on the basis of convenience to your proximity.

How much does an ecommerce digital agency cost?

How much does an ecommerce digital agency cost?
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Of course, the very notion of hiring or outsourcing work to someone else to the job for you means costs are at play that you have to fork up. Small to medium-sized businesses could expect to pay between $250 to $20,000 per month on marketing agency services. But this still depends on the type of services you acquire:

Calculate agency fee structure

Agency fee structures are the amount charged to a client (you) as part of a business agreement for the external marketing services and how that fee is broken down into services and/or deliverables. This is the primary revenue stream for ecommerce marketing agencies.

An agency fee structure can be one of two; project-based or retainer-based. 

As the name suggests, project-based fees are paid on a project basis. It’s the easier one to calculate with multiple variables in it that affect the profitability of this structure. Some factors that influence the effectiveness of this approach include time estimates, labor and scope.

In a retainer-based fees agency model, you pay in advance for the work performed on an ongoing basis. The fee structure can be defined according to; a secured number of hours (hour-based where you pay for the hours), expected work to be performed (deliverables-based where you’re paying for the work in a certain period) , performance level (performance-based where the agency is paid based on milestones set), or a combination of the three (hybrid). 

Grow bigger but grow smarter

You don’t always have to keep everything in-house within your company. Sometimes it is more efficient for you to hire other partners to do some necessary jobs for you, especially if you’re just starting out or lack the workforce to do it yourself. Ecommerce marketing agencies are a smart opportunity that, while you have to pay for, help you immensely in growing your ecommerce venture.

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