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Why You Should Know About Omnichannel Marketing

One recurring problem with new aspiring entrepreneurs is how to keep customers in the loop with their business and brand. That’s why we’re here to define omnichannel marketing for you. Stick around and you’ll know how to move forward with your business!

Definition Omnichannel Marketing

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Omnichannel marketing is all about looking at marketing with a consumer-centric view. Omnichannel marketing is creating your brand’s presence across multiple online (mostly social media) and offline (customer service hotlines for example) channels while ensuring a positive and seamless experience throughout the customer’s journey with you. Each piece in this customer experience should preferably be consistent and complementary. 

Positive impressions and a seamless shopping experience are really important because almost 70% of customers say a bad customer experience is what makes them churn and distance themselves from a business. So it’s important that you must take your omnichannel marketing strategy seriously to win and retain customers.

…almost 70% of customers say a bad customer experience is what makes them churn and distance themselves from a business.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

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Although different from multichannel marketing, building an omnichannel marketing strategy is not that overly complicated. Of course, a word of advice would be to take it one at a time, step by step.

Plan the experience of the customer 

Understand your customers’ preferred browsing and shopping channels, take a look at their behavior across those channels, and create a detailed plan based on the previous two on how you want the shopping experience with your business to flow across all of it – from beginning to end.

Strategizing by using data as a base 

With the help of customer relationship management (CRM) data, social listening data, and customers’ online search behavior, you will know your customers’ behaviors and with those, accordingly, create a solution to address their challenges at any point of a standard shopping experience. Reducing customer churn away from your brand is also possible by using the data in the right way.

Segment users and personalize their journey 

By analyzing the data you do have, you can easily segment users into different categories based on common behavior patterns. This will help you in creating personalized journeys for each type of customer. This can easily raise their positive experience while shopping with you.

Get the context right and correct 

Context is everything in an omnichannel marketing strategy. Sending the wrong messages to the wrong audience, at the wrong time, will just dissuade users from engaging and continuing shopping with you. Ensure that the context of your messages is relevant to the users/each user and send it to them at the time they are most active, and on the channel which they engage with the most.

Automate with the right marketing tools 

Use the right marketing tools to implement your strategy right from the time of conceptualization to implementation. Do a thorough analysis before selecting the right one. With modern technology, automation is one source of efficiency and an opportunity to lessen your headaches.

Mold your business to be customer-centric 

This is a really important step. Because unless you or your employees are not trained to offer a consistent experience to customers, no amount of strategy or marketing tool can help. Profits may be part and parcel of business, but you’re not going to get any without a happy and satisfied customer base. A sense of priority on them from your end is truly the basis of omnichannel marketing.

Concept of Omnichannel Marketing

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An omnichannel approach ensures that your customers have a positive and consistent experience on each channel, through a few key elements:

  • Personalized messaging based on specified interests
  • Identifiable and consistent branding (vision, tone, etc.)
  • Content informed by data (past interactions, buyer’s journey stage, etc.)

Identifiable brands simplify brand recognition, while personalization based on interests and shopping history makes customers more likely to interact with branded content across the multiple channels they use. 

The whole concept of omnichannel marketing is streamlining the shopping experience for your customers and being customer-centric. Doing so contains some key ingredients to a successful omnichannel marketing effort and winning over customers. 


Consumers today are increasingly time-strapped, on the move, and want things to happen quick and easy. This means that convenience at any level of any kind is not only a benefit but has become an integral and central requirement for a strong customer experience. 


A business with an omnichannel experience requires consistency as a vital part of it. Consistency gives your brand an image, recognition and familiarity. It’s therefore so consequential to create customer experiences with a unified and uniformed brand shopping experience that is trustworthy by customers.


Just like with being convenient, customers also have expectations to be fast and in real-time, localized, personalized, and tailored to them specifically. With all the data collection features available today, customers expect you as a brand to offer them only what is relevant to their needs and their shopping behaviors. 


Loyal customers and repeat customers are products of empowering them. Brands that empower their customers provide them with the info to make the best purchasing decisions. This gives customers the impression of control over their experience while also feeling that you care about them.


Accelerating technology means capturing connected customers depending on your ability to be agile with your approach. A business like yours should adopt the necessary tools and analytics that recognize market changes and shifts in behavior. In addition, scalable systems enable quicker actions.

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