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12 Ideas for Facebook Interaction Posts to Boost Engagement

Facebook interaction posts can really boost engagement with your audience online. We have 14 ideas for such posts that you can do on Facebook. You’ll have plenty of options for your next Facebook posts at the end of your read.

1. Ask questions

The first idea is to ask questions to your audience. Questions are great at getting engagement from people and a starter to your Facebook interaction posts. 

You could ask them to share their personal experiences and stories related to a particular topic. Or you could ask them a simple question about their current mindset, interests, preferences, and opinions. 

2. Ask for feedback

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Customer feedback can help you reflect on your brand so far and look for ways to improve or add value to your current offerings. Also, customers may also be eager to share their feedback on what they like or not like about your brand. This helps drive engagement. And Facebook is a great channel for collecting customer feedback. 

Share posts and ask people to leave comments about their opinions and experiences using your product/service. These can include feedback on your product features, service quality, customer support efficiency, staff response, etc. Customers could also have additional solutions for you.

3. Share links to your other posts

While Facebook supports long-form text content (max 63,206 characters), it’s not necessarily the best platform to share big blocks of text. As a matter of fact, data has shown Facebook posts with 40-80 characters have seen the best performance overall. 

A way around this is to share links to your blog posts. Share highly informative and valuable blog posts that you think some of your audience would appreciate.

4. Share a timely messages

On Facebook or any other social platform, timing can also drive engagement and one of our recommended Facebook interaction posts. But beyond literal post timing, making your posts relevant is crucial too. Relevant to your brand or industry or even craft a relevant message that also aligns with your brand.

5. Participate in a trends

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Speaking of relevance, the next idea is to participate in any trending conversations or popular challenges you might find online. Online users love to engage with trending conversations, so make the most of these trends to garner engagement with your business on Facebook. 

You could maybe even create your own version of a popular meme or share an opinion, tips, and tricks related to the trending topic. But keep the conversation relevant to your brand or industry. 

And remember, – very important – avoid conversations that could turn controversial. Don’t end up shooting yourself in the foot.

6. Run contests and giveaways

Get people interacting with your post by running a contest or giveaway. The chance to win something attractive compels many users to engage with your Facebook content. This is effective if you make the rules to your contest such that people would need to engage with the post in order to participate. 

Encourage participants to share the post to get a bonus entry. This will get you better visibility for the post and help you attract new possible followers. 

7. Start polls

Polls are another excellent way to create an interactive experience for your audience – allowing them to share thoughts and opinions. While you get to understand them better. 

Casting votes is a super easy way for people to interact with your content and improve your chances of driving engagement. Polls are also a great medium for collecting feedback where you want people to choose from a set of fixed answers. For example, you could ask them what they dislike most about your brand. 

For more flexibility, you could leave room for them to add their own answers. Get creative and let people cast votes using emoji reactions. Facebook makes your job easier with a built-in poll feature to create your polls. 

8. Share some fun bingo boards

Who doesn’t love games? And who wouldn’t love a little bingo game from time to time? Some brands that have used virtual bingo cards have also shown they can be effective for getting people engaged on social media. People can then “play” bingo using a board you make consisting of relatable situations or experiences.

9. Ask people to fill in the blanks

One more fun way to drive engagement is by asking your audience to fill in the blanks. It’s similar to the flexible way to interact with polls. Lets people share statements. Giving them a clear prompt could encourage them to participate and share their own ideas. 

The chance to make a correct guess is a great way to tap into people’s competitive spirit. Optionally, you could give them the freedom to share their own ideas where there’s no correct answer.

10. Create a relatable meme

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This entry of ours for Facebook interaction posts is about memes. Social media users love to share memes, especially ones that they find relatable. We mentioned the use of memes when talking about keeping on trends. 

If you want more people to engage with your Facebook posts, get creative with hilarious memes that would really attract your audience. Focus on topics that are specific to your niche so it’s relevant to your brand and followers. 

The goal is to get people to engage with your memes and even share them with their friends. Hence, significantly boosting your page visibility and helping you attract new followers.

11. Provide tips of value

Perceived or better yet, proven value can incentivize new followers among online users and retain old ones. Therefore, it’s important to regularly share content that would add value to your brand. 

Share tips regarding your industry and products so your audience can gain something positive. This nurtures your relationship with them and improves engagement. Just remember to keep the tips short and not too lengthy.

12. Share inspiring quotes

Everyone loves a little bit of encouragement every once in a while. People love a bit of nudge towards positivity. Help break users’ cluttered Facebook feeds that tend to be filled with negativity. Give your audience a refreshing break with inspirational quotes to share with friends. 

Once again, look for the ones that are relevant to your brand, industry, or niche. One recommendation is to combine these quotes with original graphics that carry your brand’s identity to maintain strong branding.

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