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Social Media Services Recommendations to Increase Your Sales

Social Media Services Recommendations to Increase Your Sales

In order for you to cash in on any sales, you first need to be where your customers are. And a definite place they’ll always be is on social media. Social media marketing is one of the most vital strategies for any business in the digital era and while it could take skill and time to get familiar with it, a smart move is to outsource your social media marketing to a firm that specializes in social media services. We can help you understand these services. Stick around and you might find some that’ll work well with your business.

What are social media services?

Social media services are what you need to get your marketing strategy on social media going, and going good. Social media services consist of the essentials to keep your brand trending, relevant and noticed by users. Services that social media marketing firms can offer include:

1. Content strategy planning

Having a plan is the basis of any successful venture. Service providers will keep close to your niche and help organize the best strategy for your brand so your online presence and impressions on people will continuously be driving sales for you.

2. Account/profile branding

Setting up an account or profile for any social media site can seem to be the most straightforward that anyone can do. But there can still be some finesse involved in creating one. Especially when matching it to your brand’s values and aesthetics. Your profile is very much the face that customers will interact with and is a delivery mechanism for your intended impression on them.

3. Engaging content creation

With a strategy set, a social media marketing firm can then help bring out some more creativity in your content and be more interactive. Your online presence is therefore more attractive to viewers and users and presents a more easily engaging brand in the eyes of your potential customers by extension.

4. Publishing content

The right time and the right moment also play an important part in making your brand’s content more effective. There are multiple ways one can publish content online that can help in being efficient and service providers can help with that.

5. Research & analysis

To improve and grow requires you to dedicate some time to analyzing and researching the market that your niche serves. Analyzing your progress and researching what needs to be done more to be a better brand is absolutely essential.

6. Training & consultation 

Social media marketing firms are also there to provide training and consultation to your staff and you about marketing on social media. You’ll need these services if you’re ever planning to do your marketing in the future in-house, rather than outsourcing it.

7. Community & campaign management 

One way to keep people as your customers and obtain their loyalty is to engage with the community that grows around your brand and holds special campaigns to promote your business further. If you don’t have the resources yourself, then hiring a firm to manage these two things can help.

8. Influencer outreach

Influencers have great sway on online users and can be a powerful source of branding and sale revenues. That’s why it’s very useful to reach out to influencers to help promote your brand to their followers and to grow your brand recognition. 

9. Platform-specific services

All social media platforms are different in some ways (at least). Trying to get your head around all of it can be a headache if you’re doing everything by yourself. Hire social media marketing service firms to handle your brand on specific platforms or a number of them. 

10. Advertising

Of course, brand recognition also comes from good advertising. There are firms out there that are really good at this. So be sure to have them help you with your ads and advertising campaigns to let people know about you.

Benefits of social media services for marketing

Of course, we won’t be writing about these social media marketing services, and even more recommending them to you, if we didn’t believe they can serve your brand well. These services can offer you some great benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Generates leads
  • High search rankings
  • Relationship building
  • Wider audience reach
  • Better online exposure
  • Gaining better insights
  • Humanizes your brand
  • Increase website traffic
  • Complete brand control
  • Specific audience targeting
  • Brand awareness heightens
  • Improves customer satisfaction

How to market on social media

How to market on social media

So when you’re starting to market on social media, even be it through a third-party social media marketing service provider or even on your own, it’s good to also understand the key pillars of marketing on social media:

Pillars of social media marketing

There are 5 essentials points that make up the pillars of social media marketing:

  • A social strategy

Any marketing activity requires an appropriate strategy in advance to lay out the entire process. This includes determining your business and marketing goals and how social media plays a part in that, selecting the right social media platform for you and the type of content you’ll be producing.

  • Planning & Publishing

Publishing content needs consistency. This keeps your social media marketing program effective and continuously on the site of users. Maintaining your audience through well-planned and well-executed relevant content is what it’s all about.

  • Listen & engage

Interactions and conversations surrounding your brand are done through activities that you encourage on social media. Comments, post sharing, and tags build engagement between you and your customers but also help build a community of inter-customer relationships.

  • Analytics & reports

As you grow, you also have to constantly measure your progress and performance. The data and analytics you receive from the period of time you’ve spent engaging, being present and marketing on social media are there for you to make more informed decisions in the future and to improve even more. 

  • Advertising 

Marketing can start out cheap and even free, but the costs of maintaining your marketing efforts will grow as your brand grows. Nonetheless, advertising is essential to your business. And with today’s technology, your ads can be more accurate, effective and efficient.

With the pillars out of the way, the following are the general flow and outline that you or any social media marketing service provider would tend to follow:

1. Identify all social media goals that align with your business goals

Goals specific to your company’s social media use to act as a data benchmark to measure against and as a guide on how your brand carries itself on social media. Such goals can include increasing traffic, driving more leads and raising revenue. 

2. Define & research your target audience

Hone in on your intended target market. Who do you want to sell to and analyze their needs, purchasing patterns and what they care about. Different platforms attract different demographics. But social media platforms also have rich data on online users for you to go through that can prove helpful. 

3. Undergo a competitive assessment

You’re going to have competition. So assess your competitors’ behaviors on social media, see what they’re up to, what they do, and how you can do better and be an attractive alternative.

4. Curate the relevant content 

The three previous steps will help with determining the type(s) of content you create on social media. Your content should be engaging, which can come in different forms, and also up-to-date and relevant with the current trends.

5. Respond & post in a timely manner

Priorities for when to launch your content aren’t on what’s convenient for you, but for your customers. There are plenty of data online that shows when users are most active online. Take advantage of this and post content and respond to your customers’ comments at the right time. 

6. Be a supportive organization

Company departments, especially marketing and human resources work well with you and the company’s support behind them. Not only that, but stakeholders are also there to provide financial support.

7. Measure your progress & optimize

Always and regularly improve your brand. Measure your progress as a company and see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your content to be more efficient in the future. Examples for optimization include top-engaging posts and repeat customers.

Some social media services to boost your marketing and sales

If you’re thinking of getting some help for your social media marketing efforts, we have some service providers here that you can consider:


Thrive logo

With 15 years of experience, Thrive is a full-service digital marketing agency. They provide not only social media marketing services for general and brand management and advertising but also services on SEOs, web design and general ecommerce marketing. 

Kingdom Digital

Kingdom Digital logo with Hakuhodo logo

Based in Malaysia, Kingdom Digital is a part of the Japanese Hakuhodo Inc. integrated digital advertising and marketing company. The firm provides services on social media and content marketing, intuitive web designs and video production, among others. 


WebFX Logo

WebFx offers services that include organic web search, digital marketing, ecommerce solutions and of course social media marketing. They are well versed in the business-to-consumer (B2C) industry and has served more than 1000 clients.

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry if you’re unable to do everything that a business usually needs. For instance, social media marketing. there are plenty of vendors you can find online that can be at your service and help you out!

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