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5 Examples of Advertisements to Inspire Your Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, there are lots of media that you can use to advertise products. Such as printing flyers, using some spaces in magazines and newspapers, social media advertising, and more. Even now you can see examples of advertisements directly just from your phone.

However, not every business owner is able to make flyers or put up products in newspapers and magazines. Maybe some just post it on the internet to advertise their products online.

Before we discuss this much further, do you understand what advertising is like? What is an example of an advertisement for a product that can inspire the audience to buy the product? Let’s talk about it, then!

What is advertising? 

Advertising is a component of the company’s marketing strategy. Advertising generally aims to inform, persuade, educate, and remind the audience of products or brands.

Along with the times, advertising also uses technology to practice it effectively. Some use print technology to distribute such pamphlets or flyers and put them on large banners or billboards, and some also use social media to advertise them visually.

As the goal is more than just to inform the audience, advertising must be interruptive and attractive so that the company is able to persuade, educate, and remind the audience effectively. Surely, every company wants the audience to recognize their product. Hence, the ads must be concepted attractively.

Advertising vs Marketing

You are sometimes being doubtful about these two terms, advertising, and marketing. These two terms are certainly common in the business world.

That’s because advertising and marketing have the same objective, namely increasing brand awareness and persuading customers to buy the products. Although they have the same objective, they are also different from each other.

First, advertising is one of the marketing components. So, when you do marketing, it doesn’t mean you are also doing advertising. Marketing doesn’t always revolve around advertising, yet is wider.

For instance, when you write articles for your company’s website to increase SEO traffic, at that time you are not doing advertising. You are doing one of the marketing strategies.

Second, advertising always requires a paid effort, while marketing doesn’t always need payment. When you distribute flyers and put branded products on billboards or magazines, you certainly need to pay other parties so that your brand can be advertised.

Unlike marketing, you can freely post your products on Instagram Feeds without being apprehensive to pay them. Although you can choose paid ads, you still have the option not to use their feature and choosing not to pay for them.

Objectives of advertising

Several advertising goals will benefit you and your company if you do them right. There are at least 3 advertising objectives, such as:

1. Awareness

It is undeniable objective that the main purpose of advertising is to increase brand awareness. Advertising helps the company’s product to be recognized by the audience or targeted market.

This purpose, for example, includes when your company wants to introduce a new product, or a new feature, announce a promo, or simply let the audience know that your product exists.

2. Conversions

Most people say that advertising aims to convince people to buy something. Although sometimes this is just an assumption, in fact this is actually the main purpose of advertising.

At least when the companies succeeded in increasing their brand awareness, the company continued to do advertising to encourage the audience to buy their products. In this process, the conversion of potential buyers into real buyers occurs.

3. Considerations

Advertising also helps the audience to consider a buying decision. If you do advertising, customers will assess whether your product is attractive to buy, do they need it, are your offers much more seductive than competitors.

So, it is important to make a careful, visionary, and attractive advertisement.

The importance of advertising

When doing advertising, there are at least two parties involved in this process. That is the company that makes the advertisement and the customer who receives the advertisement. So, through this complicity, at least each party takes the importance of the advertising.

For customers, advertising is important if:

  1. Advertising could help them in purchasing decisions.
  2. Advertising could describe and visualize customer wants and needs.
  3. Advertisements could help inform and educate them, such as information about products with their features, prices, promotions, and other benefits that customers may get.

Then, advertising is important for companies because:

  1. increasing sales
  2. Increasing goodwill
  3. Building brand awareness
  4. Standing out the products
  5. Persuading potential buyers
  6. Improving the brand’s image

Types of advertising to promote your business effectively

Have you ever seen a billboard with a brand on it? Or received some flyers that a stranger handed out while you were walking down a busy street? Those you were experienced with are one of the advertising types that may be used by companies.

There are many types of advertising that you may not know about. Many of which you might not even notice! So, here is the types of advertisement and examples to promote a product effectively:

1. Print Ads

The full rack of brochures as the examples of print ads advertising
Source: www.dreamstime.com

These are the examples of advertisements that we previously meant when you received flyers from strangers on the street. Print ads include newspapers, magazine brochures, posters, flyers, etc. This type of advertising began and is often done a long time ago, maybe decades ago, but some consistently do this type of advertising.

2. Broadcast Ads 

Broadcast ads refer to television and radio advertising, but nowadays it is also often shared by podcasts. Broadcast ads are at least much more effective than print ads because it allows wider advertising. Even broadcast ads are also often used with catchy jingles or slogans to help make the ads more memorable and interesting.

3. Online or Digital Ads

These types may be a bit familiar to you. Online or digital ads include email marketing, social media marketing, native display ads, blog marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, search ads, pop-up ads, sponsored content, and much more.

The use of digital communication devices, such as mobile phones, makes this type of advertising the most frequently used nowadays. Maybe you are familiar when you see social media marketing, because whether large or small businesses scale, advertise on social media.

4. Outdoor Ads

a pictorial bus as an example of outdoor advertising
Source: www.dreamstime.com

You can find outdoor ads in your surroundings, especially in crowded areas. This type includes billboards, bus stops, ads on park benches, creative bus advertising, and so on.

Examples of advertisements to inspire your campaign

The key to successful advertising is to be creative and organized. If you need inspiration to advertise your brand’s products, you can see some examples of the advertisements below:

1. KFC “FCK” Apology

A KFC poster as an example of their apology advertisements
Source: www.wix.com

KFC “FCK” is not really an advertisement at all. It’s KFC’s apologies in 2018 because of a week-long of empty chicken stock in the UK.

KFC expressed their very unique apology by scrambling their brand, KFC, into FCK as if it was their brand name. Through this unique and cheeky apology strategy, KFC can attract customers to fall in love back to their brand.

2. NIKE “Just Do It”

A pair of Nike shoes with the slogan "just do it" written on it
Source: www.pinterest.com

NIKE’s Just Do It slogan was initiated in 1988. It means that NIKE has been using this slogan for more than 30 years. They consider that “Just Do It” is not just a slogan, but implicitly describes their core mission.

For more than 30 years the slogan has been used, now “Just Do It” is not just an ordinary sentence, yet stronger. So when we read “Just Do It”, only NIKE comes up to our top-of-mind.

3. IKEA “pee on this”

Ikea flyer as an example of unique advertisements
Source: www.wix.com

IKEA creates advertisements by distributing flyers along with test packs to mothers-to-be to find out whether they are pregnant or not. Through the test pack results, IKEA will give discounts to women who are positively pregnant.

This strategy certainly attracts the audience’s attention because of its uniqueness. Besides helping to find out about their pregnancy, customers also get a crib product discount. Surely, sales of crib products also increased because of this advertisement.

Even if not all pregnant women take home this discount, at least this ad is unique enough to be talked about by many people.

4. BBC: Dracula Billboard

BBC Dracula Billboard silhouette visualization
Source: www.sixads.net

In 2019, the BBC advertised their new show, Dracula. This ad is quite appealing because they use a shadow effect that resembles Dracula’s shadow instead of drawing it.

Several steaks are hammered and organized so they formed the Dracula silhouette with the help of the lamp on the left end of the board. This silhouette will be more clearly seen as darkness comes. Click the image to take a look how the billboard silhouette forms the dracula shadow.

5. Coca-Cola: Share a Coke with …

Source: www.pinterest.com

The “Share a Coke with …” campaign has been practiced by Coca-Cola for a long time. Even the campaign has become a phenomenal Coca-Cola slogan nowadays. Starting from the Australian movement in 2011, now more than 150 countries are part of this global sensation brand.

Moreover, their advertisements which tend to show togetherness are supported with labels featuring song lyrics, making the audience believe that they should “Share a Coke with Their Surroundings”.

That’s all about advertising and also the examples of advertisements for a product. These examples of advertisements are simple yet phenomenal, so they can attract the audience’s attention to always be loyal to their brand.

If you want to create one, first of all, start to define your brand identity and develop it into an attractive promotional ad. We hope you find this article useful!


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